Welcome to Half Day Cafe.  We’re making every effort to put out the best breakfast in Cincinnati!

You know that quality and freshness aren’t the cheapest and easiest to prepare, so we trust you’ll recognize our efforts to provide you with something special.  We’re not developers from the east, a chain from the west, or a franchise from the south.  Rather, we’re just a simple neighborhood family operating a simple neighborhood restaurant – classic Mom and Pop, really.


We’re kind of thinking that Cincinnati breakfast should be a blend of expected standards and unexpected surprises.  We’ve tried to give you both. Sure, we’ve got the traditional eggs, omelets, bacon and sausage, but we’ve also got Sweet Potato Pancakes, Mango Butter Rum French Toast and a delicious Egg Strata.  Throw in a Broiled Grapefruit or a glass of our delicious fresh-squeezed Orange Juice and you’re off to a special Cincinnati breakfast.


Our Cincinnati lunch menu offers both standards and surprises.  You’ll find soups, salads and sandwiches, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy our Pear Salad, our Grilled Chicken and Brie Quesadilla or our Seasonal “Melt” Sandwiches.  Our interesting soups, beautiful salads and different sandwiches will have you thinking of lunch out with friends more often.

We’ll do our best to serve you fresh and interesting food and a good cup of coffee in a pleasant neighborhood setting with the sincere hope that you’ll choose this place often to gather with your friends, your family, and your neighbors.

Again, welcome – we’re glad you’re here.