TripAdvisor reviews of Half Day Café

“Should been named the little gem diner – it sparkles and shines !” Read More »

Google reviews of Half Day Café

My fiancé and I love coming here. It’s cozy and well-situated for a post-lunch stroll. The prices are reasonable and you definitely get what you pay for as far as portion size.” – Jacob B. • Read More »

Facebook reviews of Half Day Café

“The BEST breakfast cafe in Cincinnati, so good! Friendly staff, super clean! Charming atmosphere – loved everything!” – Tricia R. • Read More »

Zomato reviews of Half Day Café

“My absolute favorite place to go for breakfast!” – Jesse M. • Read More »

Yelp reviews of Half Day Café

“They’ve taken the ordinary breakfast, tweaked it a little in some cases, and absolutely nailed it, and a lot of their lunch stuff is good too.” Read More »

Foursquare reviews of Half Day Café

“The food, service, and friendly staff. The owner chatted with us and made us feel welcome.” – Brian B. • Read More »

Cincinnati Enquirer reviews of Half Day Café

“The community needed a ‘lunchroom’ and the Hipsleys have provided us one. It’s clean, the food is delicious, and we all get an ‘old friend’ greeting…” Read More » (pdf)

“They’ve worked to give the restaurant a small town feel that is welcoming to all‚Äîa place with good food where people can socialize…” Read More »(pdf)

” … a neighborhood restaurant with some brand new things on their breakfast and brunch-lunch menu.” Read More »(pdf)

CityBeat review of Half Day Café

“Half Day Café packs a lot of variety in their menu and never disappoints.” Read More » (pdf)

Wyoming Living review of Half Day Café

“fresh interesting food in a neighborhood setting.” Read More » (pdf)