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It’s with profound sadness that we’ve reached the unavoidable decision to close the Wyoming location.  Our other location in Mason continues to do well, serving the same delicious food you’ve enjoyed here in Wyoming. To be clear, we haven’t “gone out of business.”  No, we’ve closed this location to consolidate our efforts.

This is not because of financial viability, but rather because of operational impossibilitywe simply can’t find workers here.  And while we’re willing to work hard ourselves, we can’t do it alone.

After the effort we’ve put into the last two years to serve delicious food under the worst possible conditions, our personal capacity to keep pushing the boulder up the hill has continued to diminish–until our good sense has finally made us stop.  Our health and our marriage are way more important than continuing the daily slog forward.

We must acknowledge our son here, who has done yeoman’s work to help his mom and dad this last year.  He’s gotten quite a workout handling things we never imagined he’d have to.  Thank you, lad—you’ve rolled like the quality guy you are.

So, this is it–sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the many meals you’ve eaten here over the years.  We’ll miss the conversation and the laughs—but mostly the love you’ve shown us by supporting this local small business.  It’s been a great 16-year run, one we’re proud of–yet humbled by–and certainly thankful for.  God bless each of you reading this.

Now, the Mason café is only 10 short miles away, a small hop for really good French toast!  We’ll hopefully see you there…

With gratitude, The Hipsleys